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A Quick Review: Potent Marijuana News and Strains For 2015

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Over the next 48 hours many will look back in reflection at the crazy year that was 2015. While some may contemplate their goals accomplished or scores settled, I prefer to end the year on a slightly higher note – flashing back at some of the most potent marijuana news and strains of 2015.

Looking back over the last 12 months it’s easy to see the progress made within the marijuana reform movement. Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders became the first presidential candidate to call for marijuana legalization, while California, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine laid the foundation for legalized weed in 2016. Meanwhile, virtually every poll taken this year showed the majority of polled Americans supported legalized marijuana. Oregon legalized recreational marijuana and the nation’s capitol decriminalized the personal possession and cultivation of small amounts of pot. Last but certainly not least, the DEA has been busy cultivating a whole new set of powerful enemies.

While the above stories were all great news and help instill a renewed faith for continued progress in 2016, the 12 strains below represent some of the most potent genetics cultivated in 2015.

The smell of our progress is indeed sweet…

Ghost Train Haze27.46% THC: a hybridized crossing of Neville’s Wreck & Ghost OG, this strain enjoys massive colas, covered in THC-laced trichomes.

Hey Dave24.71% THC: A potent indica-dominant cross of Afghani, OG Kush & Casey Jones, Hey Dave was originally bred by connoisseur genetics.

Alien Dawg F224.71% THC: Crossing the West Coast genetics of Chem Dawg with Alien Tech – an Afghani strain thought to be smuggled back stateside by a U.S. Solider – Alien Dawg F2 has been heralded as one of the most potent Alien Dawg strains available.

Girl Scout Cookies24.13% THC: A.K.A. GSC, Girl Scout Cookie is a cross of OG Kush & Durban Poison. Originally bred by the “Cookie family,” GSC enjoys two dominant variations within their genetic phenotypes, Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies.

Nexus OG24.0% THC: Clouded by its somewhat mysterious gene pool, Nexus OG is a potent clone only strain. A heavy hitting indica, this strain provides a mildly euphoric feeling and is perfect for relaxing at the end of a hectic day.

Death Star23.99% THC: The force awakens in this cross between Sour Diesel &Sensi Star. Overpowering anxiety, Death Star’s scent and euphoric vigor are potent enough to help even the most diehard Star Wars fan forget the prequels to this strain’s namesake.

White Fire OG23.34% THC: A.K.A. WiFi OG is a hybrid cross between Fire OG & The White, making for one powerful flower. Featuring a plethora of phenotypes, WiFi OG has the ability to bust out massive colas when provided the proper nutrients and space.

Red Dragon22.74% THC: Representing yet another interesting hybrid created by the breeders at Barney’s Farm, Red Dragon is a cross between Himalayan Kush & Utopia Haze.

Guava Chem22.54% THC: An indica dominant hybrid of Chem 4 & Tres Chemdawg, Guava Chem was originally cultivated by the creative breeders at San Jose Patients Group.

Strawberry Banana22.51% THC: A Banana OG & Bubblegum cross, this strain is known for its tasty terpenes. Originally bred by the mad scientists at DNA Genetics, Strawberry Banana works well for those feeling fatigued, depressed and overstressed.

Extreme OG23.37% THC: A beautiful grouping of the Fire OG and Green Ribbon BX strains, Extreme OG maxed out the THC scale this year at 23.37%. And as a 70/30 indica-dominant strain, Extreme OG is perfectly suited for indoor cultivation – particularly SOGs and SCROGs.

Tangerine Dream22.6% THC: Tangerine Dream is an interesting combination of Neville’s Haze, G13, and Afghani. Often confused with DNA Genetic’s “Tangie” strain, Tangerine Dream is a perfect smoke for those looking for a little boost of energy at the end of a busy day.

As 2015 rapidly comes to a screeching halt, it seems more than a little obvious that marijuana is becoming rather mainstream. Thanks to the thoughtful voters of this country, marijuana is now perfectly legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. As California prepares to hit the ballot box during next year’s general election, many remain hopeful that a state of 38 million people voting in the majority for marijuana legalization will push the issue well past the tipping point for the feds.

(Above THC percentages provided by High Times)

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