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Alabama Sheriff Sued by Former Deputies Over Order To Give Him Confiscated Pot For Cancer Stricken Aunt

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Demonstrating relentless hypocrisy by a crude dimwit, a video out of Winston County, Alabama has ended with the sacking of two officers and the revelation that a low I.Q. Sheriff was filmed by a hidden camera accepting some confiscated Alabama pot.

It all began in late spring 2015, when according to online reports, the Winston County Sheriff, Hobby Walker, passed along some rather confusing orders to two of his deputies Steven Moody and Zak Green. The order was simple and straightforward, to “peel off” some confiscated weed from a recent marijuana bust so he could pass it along to his sick aunt, whom Sheriff Walker said was dying from cancer. Informing the two “I need a little bag of dope, ok?” Which apparently didn’t sit well with the two former Alabama deputies.

“According to a lawsuit filed on Jan. 13, former deputies Zak Green and Steven Moody said Walker asked them multiple times to get him marijuana for his cancer-stricken aunt.” View lawsuit here Winston County Sheriff’s Deputies Lawsuit.

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Set up for the fall

Frustrated by the dismissal of his request, Sheriff Walker then worked on their emotions by informing the two deputies that, “he had an aunt that was sick with cancer and she needed some help with her appetite.”

Untouched by the sheriff’s plight, Deputies Green and Moody pushed back for months. To the point of calling the Sheriff out when he once tried to sneak some of their freshly confiscated marijuana into his top desk drawer. Tired of the Sheriff’s constant harassment, on September 23, 2015, after a clandestine meeting with Alabama’s AG (Atty. Gen.) and other high-ranking officials, the deputies set up the sheriff and videotaped him accepting some marijuana – getting caught green hand.

It’s Payback time

Embarrassed by the low-rent spectacle known as Sheriff Walker, fired Deputies Green and Moody have since filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff and the County for unlawful termination.

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