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Albuquerque City Council Passes Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana

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Yesterday the Albuquerque city Council passed a measure in the hopes of decriminalizing the personal possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana.

Passing along party lines, the proposal to decriminalize marijuana was approved by the narrowest of margins in the New Mexico town of over half a million people; Five Democrats voted for common sense, while 4 Republicans voted to remain in the dark ages of prohibition.

Similar to Delaware, DC, and Maine, New Mexico’s attempt at decriminalization would toss out the criminal code that stipulates the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana as a violation of the law, essentially making the personal possession of small amounts of marijuana perfectly legal. And since rolling papers, bongs, and other devices are needed to consume this much-maligned plant, paraphernalia would also be decriminalized under the new Albuquerque measure.

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Initially cultivated by Albuquerque’s councilmembers Rey Garduño and Isaac Benton, Mayor Richard Berry was not amused. Threatening to veto the measure, as he did in 2014, Berry has let it be known he intends to veto any decriminalization measure that might be passed. As a means of being proactive against any such veto, the council then passed a measure that stipulates marijuana possession as the lowest enforcement priority.

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