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Approved Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

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Under Florida’s current medical marijuana law, the Compassionate Use Act, any Florida physician that wants to be able to prescribe low-THC medical marijuana for an eligible patient must take a prerequisite course offered by the Florida Medical Association, among others. Currently, there are a little more than 40 Florida marijuana doctors approved to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida as soon as the Florida dispensaries licensed to grow medical marijuana in Florida have produced a grown crop. The Florida dispensary process is currently on hold because of numerous legal challenges to the first 5 licenses awarded by the Florida Department of Health. In short, the losing dispensary applicants are challenging how the Florida Department of Health awarded the first licenses. The legal challenges are expected to last until the United for Care Florida marijuana petition is voted on in November.

In the meantime, the list of doctors currently approved to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida can be found here.

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