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As Oregon Prepares for Recreational Pot Sales, What Cities and Counties Have Banned Marijuana Shops?

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While a total of 20 cities and counties have already stated they plan on prohibiting recreational marijuana sales starting this Thursday, the rest of Oregon’s pro-pot population are cleaning their bongs, stocking up on rolling papers, and getting ready to purchase some of Oregon’s newest revenue-generating agricultural crop, recreational marijuana.

Currently, just north of 200 medical marijuana dispensaries of Oregon’s 345 have put the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) on notice of their intention to sell recreational marijuana in the Beaver State, igniting legal sales on October 1, 2015 (this Thursday). While some of Oregon’s 345  dispensaries are still struggling to make it through the qualification process, that short-term goal may the least of their worries if they happen to do business in the wrong municipality.

Opting out of common sense and generating a lucrative new tax revenue, the following 20 counties and/or cities have decided to maintain the status quo — marijuana prohibition.

 Oregon's legal marijuana goes on sale this Thursday -- except in these counties and cities

Meanwhile, the rest of Oregon’s populace will be joining Colorado, Washington, and Alaska in telling the federal government to go pound sand over marijuana prohibition. Oregon legalized recreational marijuana consumption when it passed Measure 91 last November. Crushing the prohibitionist’s dreams, Oregonians overwhelmingly passed the ballot initiative that legalized the possession and cultivation of personal quantities of today’s hybrid marijuana. While the consumption of recreational pot became legal on July 1, 2015, the state has lagged behind the demand and won’t be ready to begin regulated sales until sometime in 2016.

In an attempt to fill the void of demand and avoid black-market marijuana sales, a temporary stopgap fix allows Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries to participate in the millennial gold rush of recreational pot sales … tax-free.

Receiving a temporary respite on the cost of Oregon’s legalized pot, taxes on their state sanctioned sales won’t take root until January 4, 2016. At which point a 25 percent tax on retail sales will be applied.

As Oregon prepares to enter the unfortunately exclusive club of recreational marijuana states, here are a few things that every recreational pot smoker in Oregon should know:

  • You can possess and use recreational marijuana if you are an adult over the age of 21. If you are too young to drink legally, you are still too young to smoke legally.
  • Starting October 1, 2015 medical dispensaries may sell limited quantities of recreational marijuana. Until then, you can share it … or give it away.
  • You can possess up to 8 ounces of smokable marijuana in your home, and 1 oz. of cured weed outside the home. You can grow up to four plants per residence – making sure these plants are out of public view.
  • Obviously, driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal. While it is perfectly legal to use recreational marijuana at home or on private property – the public use of marijuana is still considered highly illegal.
  • Marijuana purchased within the state of Oregon, must remain within the states boundaries. You can make edible products at home or receive them as a gift – consuming them only in private places.

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