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Australia Looks At Legalizing Medical Marijuana By the End of 2015

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G’Day Mate! As the acceptance of medical marijuana sweeps across the US, it appears that an Australia Senate committee is working hard at making medical marijuana illegal in the Land Down Under.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of Australians support the idea of medicinal cannabis, the Australian Health Department has voiced its strong opposition to the idea of legalizing medical marijuana – fearful of creating unwelcome issues with the existing international drug treaties. As the Australian Health Department cites the “complexity and uncertainty” of the proposed program, the country’s politicians are reportedly working feverishly behind the scenes to pass legislation before the end of this year. Potentially legalizing medical marijuana nationwide.

It's time to Legalize medicinal cannabis in the Land Down Under

It’s time to Legalize medicinal cannabis in the Land Down Under

The Senate committee, which represents a broad coalition of the country’s conservatives and liberals alike, are on a mission to cultivate the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill. If passed, the new legislation would put a federal regulator on the hook for establishing and monitoring all facets of the medical marijuana program; including the cultivation, distribution and regulatory framework for the new medical marijuana industry.

The proposed medical marijuana legislation was submitted to the Australian Parliament last November, and has since been reassigned to the Senate committee for the bills deliberation.

The committee deciding medical marijuana’s fate is projected to issue its full report in early August.

Once the series of public meetings and national discourse on the topic has concluded, many anticipate the committee will “strongly recommend” that Australia’s Parliament support and approve a marijuana regulator.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Health Department maintains that legalizing medicinal cannabis could create a huge problem within the UN’s Single Convention on Narcotics.

The department secretary, Martin Bowles, cautions that the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill does not address crucial legal and practical issues that could lead “to the risk of regulatory gap, overlapping laws and a lack of clarity about the exercise of jurisdiction by agencies and possible inconsistency with other existing laws.”

Addressing the issue, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott expressed his support for the bill. “I have no problem with the medical use of cannabis.”

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