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Auto Dabber – Changing the Direction of Vaping BHO

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Chubbs, from askchubbs.com, currently lends his expertise to the online community, answering questions thrown to him by the internet’s most inquisitive minds. As an industry leader, Chubbs has channeled his unquestionable passion for all things cannabis into every type of business venture imaginable. His long list of cannabis industry ventures include: NUGGETRY, NUGGETRY Print Magazine, Marijuana Maps, Daily Dank, Fattybuds, clothing lines, wax companies, delivery services, editorial jobs and tons of consulting work. All of these ventures, their trials and tribulations, have forged Chubbs into one of the most respected figures in our community. Chubbs is now channeling his enormous expertise into marijuana’s newest evolution, vapable BHO shatter oil.

The birth of Auto Dabber was a long and difficult process, but one that was organic in every way. On a personal note, Chubbs felt like he had taken flower, or weed, as far as it could go. “Weed has been around for so long that, once you’ve been in it forever, it just kind of gets repetitive. There wasn’t anything really new happening for the longest time, and then medical marijuana came and it kind of reignited my passion for the industry, but nothing like wax has.” Chubbs made the switch from flower to wax quite a while ago. “Herb tastes good, but wax tastes better, there’s no denying it. When you take a good dab it’s just all sweet and right on point.” But dabbing equipment can be cumbersome, and getting a solid dab out of the house, when you really need it, has frankly been impossible in most situations. Until now, no other manufacturer has been able to capture name brand shatter in a vapable tank.



What Auto Dabber has done is perfected the procedure, the ability to turn high grade shatter into vapable oil. The research scientists supporting Auto Dabber invested 4 long years in the laboratory melting down countless shatter slabs to perfect the recipe for BHO shatter oil. Their game-changing recipe is the reason Auto Dabber is the only manufacturer able to attract the industry’s most respected and award-winning BHO extract brands.“I decided to work with Auto Dabber because it is the first product line to truly make a mark on the industry. Consistent in quality and potency, Auto Dabber uses great medicine and doesn’t cut corners. Proud to work with the company.” -Nature’s Lab Extracts.

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