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Blunts vs Joints

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_MG_5320The debate over blunts versus joints is a tale as old as time, with both sides arguing their method is the optimal choice when it comes to smoking. Personally, I went through phases with each- smoking blunts heavily when I was younger before realizing I’d lose my voice by the time I was thirty, then switching to joints. There are a few key differences between blunts and joints, making for two distinct smoking experiences.

joint_beardJoints utilize rolling papers, made from the non-wood fibers found in plants like hemp, flax, rice straw, and much more. Blunts, usually purchased in cigar form, are made from tobacco leaves and contain nicotine. The tobacco in the blunt creates a slightly different high than a joint, as the two plants interact when smoked, each contributing to the unique high. Some people don’t have a preference either way, but the true smokers usually do. I took to Twitter to poll the people on their favorite method of rolling, and the results were pretty fascinating. Though you may think joints would be the most popular choice because they’re smoother and don’t have nicotine, 60% of the admittedly small sample size preferred blunts, at least on the internet (Twitter lungs must be tougher than real lungs).

Another good barometer on all things weed is rap. There’s a great tool over at RapGenius called Rap Stats where you can search nearly every lyric in the past quarter century for any combination of words or phrases, allowing you to capture a comprehensive timeline of vocabulary trends. Instead of just searching blunts and joints, I also included the most popular brands of both for an accurate read on how prolific each has been throughout the years. The graph gives you an idea of the various points in time when blunts and joints each held the proverbial crown.


A common misconception is that smoking blunts will get you higher than smoking joints. While you may feel “higher” when you smoke a blunt, it’s likely a result of the blunt holding more cannabis than a traditionally-sized rolling paper as well as the added buzz of the nicotine in the tobacco leaf. Packing 2 grams or an eighth into a blunt would definitely illicit a different reaction than a typical .5 to 1 gram joint. Coincidentally, this is the very same reason a lot of people prefer joints in the first place, citing a lighter smoking experience that doesn’t hit you quite as hard.

Either way, you’re getting high, so the choice at hand is a pretty good problem to have. Maybe hit some glass first to put yourself in the right state of mind for such a heavy decision, then enjoy!

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