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British Intelligence: UK Cops Told To Stand Down On Busting Personal Marijuana Cultivation In Durham

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Utilizing the better part of commonsense, England’s Durham police force has opted out of the futile battle over personal marijuana cultivation and consumption – leaving the big-time cultivators as their primary focus.

As America’s police force continues to crack skulls and incarcerate otherwise productive members of society for simply smoking weed, Durham crime commissioner Ron Hogg has cultivated a set of new controversial guidelines mandating that police funds no longer be wasted on low-level home cultivation.

Looking to get more bang for their buck, police in this quaint hamlet located in the North East of England have opted to focus their scarce resources to fight the real enemy; organized crime, heroin dealers and street thugs.

According to a recent report in the British press, police are aggressively targeting ‘hooligans’ trying to get-rich-quick by participating in the large-scale black market distribution of marijuana — while claiming the cultivation of personal stash is no longer their top concern.

Per Commissioner Hogg, “Cannabis use is still illegal and smoking it is still a crime, but if you’re caught, you will get this opportunity to stop reoffending.”

While some government officials view the subtext of his recent proposal as little more than a mutinous decriminalization in County Durham, Hogg noted that “We are not prioritizing people who have a small number of cannabis plants for their own use,” explaining that, “In low-level cases we say it is better to work with them and put them in a position where they can recover.”

The pseudo-decriminalization of trivial marijuana use, according to crime commissioner Hogg, will preserve both precious police time and cash … and perhaps even ignite the long-overdue debate over England’s outdated drug policies.

While Hogg’s recent declaration helps those recreational pot growers and smokers in County Durham, growing weed in the UK is still considered an ugly offense by the Crown Prosecution Services, one that carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

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