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Brookings Institution Cultivates Timely Debate, Should Marijuana Be Reclassified?

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Pushing back against the ominous tide of dark logic, the Brookings institute will host a heated debate on Thursday, April 14 over the cannabis plant’s current Schedule 1 status within the Controlled Substance Act – a.k.a. the CSA.

As advocates for medicinal cannabis battle with our federal government and the cruel humor implied in the Nixon-era Controlled Substance Act; the Brookings institute is scheduled to host an informative debate between Oregon’s Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer and Dr. Bertha K. Madras, a Professor of Psychobiology at Harvard’s Medical School.

Up for debate, “What are the potential pros & cons and costs & benefits of the federal government reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug?”

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Drilling down on whether or not the marijuana/cannabis plant has any “currently accepted medical use”, the debate will scrutinize the critical verbiage within the legal definition of a Schedule I substance, as defined by the Controlled Substances Act. Preparing for their Rumble in the Philosophical Jungle, Earl Blumenauer and Dr. Madras will provide a lively discussion on the perceived ramifications of reclassifying marijuana.

As the feds continue their downward spiral of stupidity in America, 23 states plus the District of Columbia have thumbed their nose at the federal government and legalized medicinal cannabis; allowing their citizens to legally access the plant’s active cannabinoids as treatment for a vast spectrum of serious ailments.

Managed by moral hucksters, the CSAs tortured scheduling of the cannabis plant has pitted states against the federal government, causing consternation for thousands of patients, doctors and dispensaries caught in a policy gridlock created by the political hacks at the wheel of U.S. drug policy.

In the below YouTube video, we get a small taste of what Dr. Madras is in for when she debates Oregon’s Democratic Representative, Earl Blumenauer.

Learn more at Brookings.edu

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