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Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain Review

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A sativa-dominant hybrid that transforms shape and size thanks to its three primary phenotypes, Bruce Banner is the Alpha Dog offspring of an OG Kush female crossed with a Strawberry Diesel male.

Result: Bruce Banner transforms puny stressed-out humans into superheroes of productivity – Hulk smash procrastination.

Type: Mostly Sativa – 65% sativa / 35% indica

Also Known As: Bruce Banner (available in phenotype #1, #3 and #5)

Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

Stoned Meter: 9

Average THC: 20% (Bruce Banner #3 tested at 28% during 2013 HTCC)

Average Price Per ⅛: $ 40

Awards: Phenotype #3 wins 2013 HTCC for most potent strain.

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Strain Profile: The Bruce Banner phenotypes are engulfed Colorado folklore. This rare strain combines the pungent and potent OG genetics with Rez’s Strawberry Diesel, and which famously took down the competition when she hit the scene in 2009. The prized bud quickly transformed into the Hulk it is today after 420 aficionados everywhere turned onto her tasty flavonoids. Though imitation is hypothetical flattering, in Colorado, consumers should be aware there are many second rate impersonators of the OG Bruce Banner strain, making it hard for patients and recreational consumers alike to locate the real deal.

Appearance: Bruce Banner has fluorescent green buds with hues of purple running through it. The nugs are dense and spiky and appear to be coated in sugar. Bruce’s buds have very few leaves if any at all, and enjoy long round kushy kolas, reminiscent of a strain with Afghan heritage. The tangerine colored pistils are wrapped around the buds making for a beautiful mix of greens, reds, oranges and purples.

Consistency: Bruce Banner is some super sticky chronic that’s hard to prep for rolling, at least by the ungloved hand. Bruce’s nugs seemed glued to each other – which is generally considered a good thing! As the resin-encrusted buds enjoy THC-laced trichomes decorating their exterior, a grinder comes highly recommended for the preparation of this gorgeous flower for smoking.

Scent: Bruce Banner has a sweet and skunky, berry-like scent that instantly gets your nostrils blazing with desire and your mouth watering in anticipation. The piney skunk scent is accompanied by a rich blackberry scent. The nose isn’t as pungent and skunky as a regular OG, leaning more towards the sweet and fruity side of its gene pool, with its own distinct woody / berry tones. Bruce Banner makes itself known by its crushing scent. Bruce’s special bouquet enjoys overtones of lemon, petrol, and skunk with sweet berry undertones.

Taste:  Bruce Banner tastes like a lemon strawberry smoothie on steroids. The citrusy, berry flavor hits your tongue immediately and is followed by a piney, skunked-out flavor. The taste will cleanse your palate, and fill it with the sweet blend of intoxicating fruit. The inhale from this highly regarded strain is a citrusy extravaganza, with the exhale capturing its piney characteristics.

Effect: Bruce Banner smashes you in the head like the massive green fist from the HULK himself. The powerful effects are felt immediately behind the eyes as well as the temples. The buzz is soaring, euphoric and creative, minus lethargy or any unwanted drowsiness. The strains active cannabinoids can also be felt pulsing through body, relaxing the senses as well as the muscles. Providing creativity and inspiration, Bruce Banner makes for a perfect #WakeAndBake strain.

Strain Background: Once all the rage in the Centennial State, the real deal is extremely hard to pinpoint in a market full of watered down Banner. The distinct flavor and unique high make Bruce Banner one of the rarest and most sought after strains in Colorado.

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Pros: Pure fuegothis bud reeks and is as potent as they come

Cons: Thanks to her sativa genetics, she takes longer than your typical OG to hit full maturation.

Current Breeder: clone only

Flowering Time: 63 to 70 days

Flowering Type: SCROG

Growth Height: 4 to 5 ft

Expected Yield: 1.75 to 2 lbs / 1000 w

Garden Skill Level:  Expert

Breeder Quote/Advice: Top her early and often to encourage new growth among the top canopy.

Verdict: In the Mile-High City of Denver Colorado, Bruce Banner rules with a giant green fist. The intense and soaring buzz, accompanied by its powerfully sweet terpenes, makes Bruce Banner one of the best strains in the industry today.

Related Strains: Strawberry Diesel, OG Kush

Family: OG’s, Fruits, Diesel

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