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Canada: Justin Trudeau, Liberals, and Marijuana Reform Crush Harper’s Conservatives

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Snuffing out the nearly 10-year-reign of intolerance and ignorance of the CPC (Conservative Party of Canada) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s war on weed, Canada’s general elections have concluded with a landslide victory for the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, and those who support marijuana legalization.

While victory was hardly a sure bet for the liberal leaning party, which vacillated between last and first place during the 78-day campaign, Trudeau and the Liberal Party have ultimately seized power. Leaving Harper with little more to do than step down as the leader of the CPC and conceded his ideological trouncing.

The new PM and his party will now kickoff the long and arduous process of changing the political landscape in The Great White North. Providing Canada’s voters a new direction on the economy, corruption, the TPP (transpacific partnership trade pact), and marijuana legalization.

Canada: Justin Trudeau, Liberals, and Marijuana Reform Crush Harper's Conservatives

No doubt, American’s first sparked the global debate when Colorado and Washington State legalized and regulate marijuana three years ago. But now, thanks to yesterday’s election results, our neighbors to the north will more than likely become the first North America country to legalize marijuana on a national level.


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