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Canada’s Historic Pot Commercial

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For the first time in history, the cannabis industry in Canada has released a TV commercial advertising the high-quality bud for which the Great White North is known.

This one minute spot promotes British Columbia and touts the many qualities of the region, including world class skiing and incredible natural beauty. It then talks about how BC has been home to some of the finest cannabis in the world for the last thirty years,discussing the many types of licensed growers in the province. The ad is clearly meant to normalize cannabis for those still getting used to the idea.

The commercial was created and released by the Cannabis Growers of Canada, an association that “is dedicated to maintaining patient’s rights to access quality cannabis at affordable prices.”

The spot reveals facts about the industry, including its reported $ 7 billion annual revenue, significant job creating capabilities and an agricultural infrastructure in Canada that is perfect for mass production.  It also reveals that there are 17,000 pot farms in that region alone.

We believe it is important for the small and medium-sized cannabis businesses of Canada to introduce themselves to their local communities and to share our vision of a craft cannabis economy,” said Ian Dawkins, the Executive Director of the CGC in an interview with Marijuana.com.  “The commercial was just a first introduction to who our members are and what they stand for. We will be continuing that conversation in the coming months and years.”

The online ad has had over a million views, and the creators are exploring the idea of putting it on television in the near future.

The spot has also gained some attention south of the border as well, with different outlets writing about it as well as conjecturing whether this type of advertising will spark a trend for the US.  The commercial can be seen in its entirety on the CGC website at www.cannagrowers.ca.

Photo courtesy of Doug McLean

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