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Canadian Judge Rules in Favor Of Medical Marijuana Patients Right To Grow Their Own Medicine

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Informing Justin Trudeau’s newly elected government that Canada’s ban on patients cultivating their own medical marijuana constituted an infringement on their rights, a federal judge in the Great White North has smacked down the loathsome regulations restricting the rights of patients to cultivate their own medicine.

Per CBC News: In a ruling out of Vancouver on Wednesday, Judge Michael Phelan came down on the side of Canada’s medical marijuana patients when he found the MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) – first enacted in 2013 – “have no force and effect.”

While representing a positive step forward for Canadian patients with a green thumb, the judge then suspended his ruling for six months. Thereby providing the Trudeau administration time to cultivate new rules and regulations for Canada’s medical marijuana patients.

Sending up smoke signals to Canada’s many patients after the decision was first handed down, the attorney representing the medical marijuana patients, Kirk Tousaw, took to Twitter announcing the ruling in one word …

In addition to effectively striking down the current MMPR, Phelan also ordered the current injunction, which allows a very specific set of patients to grow marijuana, to remain in full effect.

Now vindicated,  the case was initiated by four patients from B.C. who had contended that the current MMPR infringed on their charter rights.

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