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Canadian Study: Medical Marijuana Safe, Helps With Chronic Pain

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Two and a half grams a day keeps the pharmaceuticals away…

New Canadian research has confirmed that medical marijuana, when consumed by those suffering with chronic pain, has a justifiably safety profile that doesn’t result in any nasty adverse effects.

Scientists established in this study, published in the Journal of Pain, that daily cannabis users were at the same risk level as non-users, and that there was no detrimental effect on the intellectual functioning of the medical marijuana users.

The study, sparked up by Dr. Mark Ware from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montréal, utilized 215 adult patients; some suffering from chronic non-cancer pain and who used medical marijuana, and another 216 chronic pain sufferers that were not cannabis patients.

Study’s conclusion:

“This study suggests that the adverse effects of medical cannabis are modest and comparable quantitatively and qualitatively to prescription cannabinoids. The results suggest that cannabis at average doses of 2.5g/day in current cannabis users may be safe as part of carefully monitored pain management program when conventional treatments have been considered medically inappropriate or inadequate.”

For this study patients were observed for any adverse or unwanted effects, in addition to monitoring lung functionality and intellectual testing. The participants were also subjected to numerous questions regarding mitigation of their chronic pain, their current quality of life and any fluctuations in their daily mood swings at their annual follow up.

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Dr. Ware pointed out their studies conclusions demonstrate that daily marijuana consumers were at no greater risk than non-users to experience serious adverse events. Additionally, the researchers confirmed that no evidence exists of any detrimental effects on cognitive functionality, or blood tests among medical marijuana patients. Additionally, the research suggested there was significant improvement in the patient’s pain levels, symptom discomfort, mood and quality of life – particularly when compared to the studies controls (non-users).

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