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Civil Disobedience: Georgia State Rep. Admits to Breaking the Law for Medical Marijuana Patients

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Maybe at some point there is a need for civil disobedience.” ~ Allen Peake

– Indeed…

Georgia State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon), a longtime advocate of medical marijuana in the Peach State, said he’s willing to break the law to help get medical marijuana to metro Atlanta families.

According to online sources, Rep. Peake made it clear to all who care, he’s been obtaining medicinal cannabis from states with applicable legislation and transporting it back to Georgia, benefiting his constituents in need.

The Macon Republican explained:

“Listen, I made a commitment to these families when I got involved, that I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure they had access to a product from a reputable manufacturer. I’ve made good on that promise. If it involved civil disobedience, it’s been absolutely worth it.”

Peake has long been considered one of the primary founders of  George’s medical marijuana movement. Rep. Peake battled his fellow Republicans to secure passage of an initiative that permitted the possession of cannabis oil for qualified patients in Georgia.

Not satisfied with his personal efforts on the issue, he’s now facilitating Atlanta’s sick and suffering in getting their medicine, regardless of the risks.

Ripping a page from Martin Luther King Jr.’s playbook, the Georgia representative noted there was obviously a certain level of concern, being a state lawmaker who is breaking the law.

In explaining his point of view, Peake noted:

Maybe at some point there is a need for civil disobedience. It comes down to, ‘What would I do if it were my child?’”

Further demonstrating his commitment to obtaining medical marijuana for his constituents in need, Peake authored a new piece of legislation this year that would permit the cultivation of medical marijuana in Georgia within tight parameters. Additionally, HB 722 would include autism, Alzheimer’s and HIV as qualifying conditions.

(Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph)

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