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Dabs, Waxes, and Shatter: Moxie’s Banana OG Live Resin Dab Review

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Crossing the traditional potency of an OG Kush with the flavorful terpenes from a mysterious banana strain, Moxie’s Banana OG Live Resin concentrates are worth every cent of their top shelf price.

The Flavor: As the fruit flavored name implies, Moxie’s Banana OG has crossed all of the potency from their favorite OG with the mouthwatering terps of a sweet and perfectly ripe banana strain. Creating a rare fruit amongst OG Concentrates, Moxie’s Banana OG provides a wave of intense cerebral relaxation with the first rip off your rig.

The Dab: One dab, two dabs, three dabs … floor: A nug-run of indica-dominant flower, Moxie’s Banana OG Live Resin is the perfect afternoon cheerleader – say, right around 4:20 PM. After a quick dab from the daily driver, a feeling of tranquility and motivation soon replaces anxiety, stress, and pain. Flavorful and potent, if you’re not careful with the size of your dabs, Banana OG will have you stretched out on the floor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.05.03 AMAverage Price Per 1/2 Gram: $ 50

An intense indica-heavy concentrate, Moxie’s Banana OG tends to lean profoundly towards the indica side of the spectrum, particularly when it comes to its overall effects. While the minimized sativa gene pool packs a nice head buzz, Moxie’s Banana OG provides a long-lasting high that’s guaranteed to physically knock you down while metaphorically lifting you up.

The appearance of Moxie’s Banana OG is a site to behold. Clean, clear, and perfectly purged, the translucent amber beckons to be hit with a clean oil rig. Luminous and radiating with THC, these concentrates are the connoisseurs’ go-to dabs.

The scent and taste of Moxie’s Banana OG provided this strain its name. Your first whiff of the Banana OG will delight your olfactory system with the sweet hint of freshly harvested bananas.

True to its OG namesake, the banana taste is really the dominant characteristic of this concentrate.

The High: Get ready for a nice, long-lasting moment of repose. Particularly beneficial  for the athlete in your smoke circle, or others experiencing muscle fatigue, Moxie’s Banana OG will relax and numb your aching limbs and fast-twitch fibers. The high moves through your body like a fish through water, bringing with it a happy-go-lucky euphoria. Resulting in a fruit-tastic concentrate, this Live Resin is guaranteed to wash away the discomforts of the daily grind.

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