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Delaware Receives Early Christmas Present: Marijuana Is Officially Decriminalized

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Merry Christmas Delaware! Congratulations on your newest gift of marijuana decriminalization.

As of 12 AM this morning, the personal possession of up to an ounce of pot will no longer be considered a criminal offense for those adults 21 or over in the Blue Diamond State – thanks to today’s implementation of House Bill 39.

Delaware decriminalized marijuana

Delaware decriminalized marijuana

Casting aside the odious penalties of the past, HB 39 stipulates that individuals over the age of 21, caught with less than an ounce of marijuana in Delaware, will no longer face the ugly reality of doing time behind bars. Instead of facing up to 90 days in jail, as the law previously sanctioned, the new penalty will be a fine of no more than $ 100.

First planting the seed of decriminalization last June, the Delaware state legislature passed the bill eradicating punitive criminal sentences for the minor possession of less than an ounce of weed.

While great news for most, there are still a few ways under Delaware’s new law that individuals can attract the unwanted attention of the local police – such as firing up in public. Under HB 39 smoking pot in public is still considered extremely poor etiquette, and a misdemeanor that’s punishable by up to a 12 months in jail.

While the application HB 39 is expected to help the state save millions in reduced enforcement costs, Delaware’s timely move on decriminalizing the herb of choice for many comes at a critical time for marijuana policy reform. As the seeds of legalization germinate from coast-to-coast, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts stand the best chance of seeing marijuana fully legalized by Christmas, 2016.

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