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DOJ Prepares To Release 6,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders From Prisons

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In the hopes of scaling back the overcrowding issue within the federal prison system, the DOJ (Department Of Justice) is getting ready to boot roughly 6,000 inmates out of federal prisons, beginning at the end of October.

According to the New York Times, this is an effort to ease the swelling prison population and scale back the punitive sentences handed down to to nonaggressive drug dealers from back in the heady days of the late 80s and early ’90s.

Per an ecstatic Jesselyn McCurdy, senior legislative counsel at the ACLU…

“Today’s announcement is nothing short of thrilling because it carries justice.”

Explaining that, “Far too many people have lost years of their lives to draconian sentencing laws born of the failed drug war. People of color have had to bear the brunt of these misguided and cruel policies. We are overjoyed that some of the people so wronged will get their freedom back.”

Marijuana and the Department of Justice

The anticipated release of these 6000 low-level drug offenders will represent one of the largest liberations of inmates from the federal Big House in U.S. history.

This latest effort coincides nicely with a strengthening bipartisan call to alleviate the inhumane and overcrowded conditions that immediately preceded two decades of ugly sentencing for minor drug offenses — leaving many minority communities decimated.

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