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Don’t Just Choose Delicious This Holiday

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Treat yourself to something beyond delicious #OnThis420.

Urban Cookies Bakeshop in Phoenix, AZ

chocolatechipcookies-kimberlykv*750xx4288-2412-0-218Brady Breeze’s homemade chocolate cookie was too good to keep in his kitchen, so he decided to build an entire business around it.  Winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” the husband and wife team at Urban Cookies Bakeshop do more than create extraordinary gourmet cookies and cupcakes from the finest and highest quality. Owners Brady and Shaun Breeze support the local community visiting children’s hospitals and crisis centers with snacks and love for hundreds of local children. Popular standout treats are the Brown Velvet Cupcake, Banana Chocolate Nut Muffin, and the immaculately designed Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookie.

Ike’s Place in San Francisco, CA

catering_imageWhether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan, Ike’s Place makes the best sandwich you have ever tasted. Make sure you check out the menu online first because there are literally way too many items to list on the in store chalkboard, and they are all absolutely fantastic! It’s highly recommended you order online to avoid the long lines. It’s also a superb idea to take your “Fat Bastard,” “Holy Name Panthers,” “Jessica Rabbit” or “Doomsday” sandwich a little down the road to Dolores Park, where you certainly won’t be the only person trying not to inhale your incredible meal.

Cannabis As Living Medicine in Toronto, Canada

brownies-2332Our blessed holiday is upon us and if you find yourself in the gorgeous City of Toronto looking for edibles on this, the holiest of days for cannabis enthusiasts, head to the CALM Dispensary in the Gay Village. Located at 600 Church Street, Cannabis As Living Medicine (CALM) has a daily onsite baker named Gloria, who has been baking for the company for over 14 years. Some of the regularly ordered staples on her menu are the Buzz Fudge, Rocky Road Cookies and she also “makes a phenomenal banana bread, a recipe from her grandmother.” says Aaron Judah Owner/Operator. He went on to say that “Edibles make up a good portion of our day to day sales.” So on your way to the 420 marijuana celebrations at Yonge/Dundas Square, stop at CALM and get yourself some snacks, but if you plan on eating them right away, make sure you remember where you parked your car for when the buzz wears off.

Glazed & Confuzed Donuts in Denver, CO

3e8914_22eaea9cbe6942e4a79d28dcaa54566a.jpg_srz_1903_1427_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzChef and owner of Glazed & Confused Donuts, Josh Schwab, is not your standard dough boy, he’s an artist. This chef earned his apron at Le Cordon Bleu, one of the world’s leading culinary art institutes. Schwab has taken his exquisite training and discerning imagination to rounded perfection as one of Denver’s most revered treat designers. His hand-crafted pastries utilize local, organic and seasonal ingredients to create signature favorites like the Breakfast of Champz: Hand cured Bacon atop a Maple and Bacon Infuzed Glaze, Confuzed Somoa: Caramel Glazed Donut topped w/ Toasted Coconut and Rich Cocolate Dirzzle, and the Root Beer Float: Fresh Brewed Root Beer Glaze w/ Vanilla Custard Filling. If there’s one thing you need to do in Denver #OnThis420, it’s satiating your sweet teeth with a trip to Glazed and Confused Donuts.

The Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Pancake_Bakery_AmsterdamPoffertjes are to Amsterdam what Apple Pie is to America: the national symbol of delicious. These traditional Dutch batter treats are made with yeast and buckwheat flour to create a light and spongy texture that soaks up every flavorful molecule of butter and powdered sugar. We highly recommend stopping at a Coffeeshop to get your stomach primed for what can honestly be described as heaven on a plate. The Pancake Bakery’s claim of having “the best pancakes in town,” would easily hold up in any international court, and we challenge any potential plaintiffs to present a better case.

Dutch Girl Donuts in Detroit, MI

National-Donut-Day-6.7.14As a marijuana enthusiast, you are explicitly forbidden from leaving Michigan without trying a strong example of Paczki, which you can certainly find at Dutch Girl Donuts in Detroit. Traditional to Polish cuisine and comparable to a donut, Paczkis are pastries made from an especially rich dough that is deep-fried and filled with traditional confit like wild rose hip jam and stewed plum jam. Since 1947, Dutch Girl Donuts has been pumping out deliciously fried delights to everyone from European immigrants, inner-city regulars and truck drivers passing through. Quality products and accessible prices have turned this little establishment into a Detroit donut institution. They’re open 24 hours on 4/20, so there are no excuses for missing out.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY

grimaldisNo trip to New York would be complete without tasting the city’s “best pizza,” however finding a great pie in New York harder than one would think. While countless pizzerias claim to be the best and the original, you can certainly feel qualified to join the conversation after a trip to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria down under the Manhattan bridge overpass. While the business may have franchised like crazy over the past few years, the original location is still the king of pizza. Their coal-fired brick oven gives the pizza a distinct smoky flavor and an authentic crispy crust that’s simply not possible with any other method of cooking. The location, DUMBO, is home to parks, water taxis, shopping boutiques and weekend flea markets. The pizza is worth the visit alone, but the surrounding neighborhood is certainly worthy of a few hours of your time #OnThis420.

Off the Waffle in Eugene, OR

blogger-image-375545033Off The Waffle is a family-owned restaurant specializing in Belgian-style waffles loaded with unique sweet and savory toppings. Owners Dave and Omer spent time in Brussels as children, where they found the inspiration for their eatery. One of Omer’s earliest memories is receiving a Liege waffle from a kindergarten teacher as a reward for not “causing a ruckus” for an entire day of school. Ever since then, the brothers have obsessed over Liege waffles. When the opportunity presented itself, the brothers opened their restaurant to share their sweet memories with the world. Liege waffles are sweeter and richer than typical Belgian-style waffles, chunks of pearl sugar are gently folded into the dough to create a crispy, caramelized exterior. When in doubt, order The Original O.G. and expect a remarkable treat.

Paseo in Seattle, WA

paseo_mtisojOne of Seattle’s best cure for the munchies of the year is Paseo Caribbean Restaurant. Prepare to wait in line, but know that it’s totally going to be worth it! Known for their “delicious and savory sandwiches,” Paseo has been featured in nearly every food-centric television show and magazine, and for excellent reason. Whether you like traditional Caribbean eats, vegan tofu delights or seafood cooked to perfection, your mouth will water, and your taste buds will sing with one bite of these incredible Caribbean flavors.


Photo courtesy of Ross Helen.

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