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Dr. Sue Sisley Gets FDA Approval For Research Of 76 Vets Suffering PTSD

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Thanks to the never-ending tenacity of individuals like Dr. Sue Sisley, the FDA has finally provided its long-overdue approval for testing marijuana’s miracle compounds as a potential treatment for veterans returning home from combat with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

We have veterans killing themselves every day in this country and we have no solutions for how to curb this epidemic,” Dr. Sisley lamented.

Photo Courtesy of Cannabis Industry Today

Photo Courtesy of Cannabis Industry Today

PTSD vs. Cannabis

Working to provide scientific clarity on the hazy topic of PTSD and medical marijuana efficacy, Dr. Sisley explained that her fellow researchers will work with 76 veterans in two clinics for a total of twelve weeks. Made possible by Dr. Sisley’s seven years of relentless campaigning for this research, the triple blind study is scheduled to take place in both Baltimore and Phoenix. The ultimate goal of this PTSD vs. Cannabis research is to provide those with political connections and the power to alter government policy with scientific evidence that marijuana’s cannabinoids can benefit those suffering from PTSD.

To qualify for the terpene-centric study, veterans must be diagnosed with PTSD and meet a certain “eligibility” criteria, according to News3LV.

Explaining to all concerned, Dr. Sisley noted:

Science is no longer being shackled by politics, but it’s also heartbreaking to think of the last seven years how many service men and woman have died from suicide.”

Government Grown Pot

For the Colorado-funded PTSD study, there was only one place Dr. Sisley could legally obtain the medical marijuana needed for her research… the University of Mississippi. As it currently stands, Ole Miss is the only institution of higher learning certified to cultivate medical marijuana for the federal government.

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