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Drive-Thru Pot Cruising into Oregon

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American’s love things done as quickly as possible, with as little human-contact as possible…which is why drive-through’s are so engrained into our society. How great is it to drive up to a little magic box ask it for a coffee, a burger, bucket of fried chicken, the list goes on and on…and then you drive around the corner and your wish comes true, there’s your order waiting for you! Well, Green Life dispensary is making U.S. history by being the first recreational pot shop in the country to offer anyone over 21 years old to drive-through and purchase a bag of weed.

Starting on April 20th of 2016, this Oregon dispensary has announced they will be dispensing marijuana via a drive-through. With Oregon legalizing recreational marijuana last year, shops are getting creative with catering to their customers and making the pot-shopping experience more convenient. A dispensary in Gold Beach, Oregon, right over the border from California, has claimed that they are going to be operating a drive-thru window for smokers to order their stash out of the comfort of their car.

Green Life has intentionally picked a location across the street from a hospital so that they can mimic a pharmacy drive-thru experience. However, they are also eyeing the tourist market. Similar to many small, tourist-dependent towns, Gold Beach has gone through some tough economic times recently and hopes that the pot culture will re-light their fuse.

We did a little digging and the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission), who is managing the Recreational Marijuana system in Oregon, states clearly on their FAQs that drive-thrus are strictly prohibited by statute. We’ll see how this rolls out, but Green Life is determined to bring this classic American convenience to Gold Beach, and we’re rooting for them!




*Incase you’re like me and wondering

where Gold Beach is…

I’ve included a map for you.

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