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Edibles, Cannabinoids and Labeling: The Heady Truth of Dosage

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It’s generally considered bad form when a product your company produces sends consumers to the emergency room in a psychedelic fog. As marijuana tourists flock to those freedom loving states where pot is prominently featured on their list of recreational activities, some heavy hitters in the industry are growing more than a little anxious over the lack of accurate dosage information provided on today’s marijuana laced edibles.

Historically, a high-performance liquid chromatograph, or HPLC, has been utilized to test cured flower for its cannabinoid content. While that works great on plant matter – it fails miserably for those seeking to gain an accurate measurement on their edibles.

Edibles, Cannabinoids and Labeling: The Heady Truth of Dosage

Photo Courtesy of the Denver Post

In the hopes of providing better labeling while reducing hospital visits by newbie pot tourists, scientists at the 251st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society announced the rollout of their Rapid Front End Cleanup of Cannabis Infused Edibles using Automated Flash Column Chromatography.

According to Phys.org, scientists “separated out the various chemical components using a technique called flash chromatography. This allowed them to inject liquid containing only the cannabinoids into an HPLC for analysis. The researchers concluded this process could yield far more accurate and reliable measurements of THC and/or CBD levels in an edible product than was previously possible.”

As a battalion of attorneys scour emergency rooms, searching for that litigious vacationer upset by the misrepresentation of THC in their recently purchased edible, industry insiders remain hopeful that by increasing the testing accuracy of edibles we’ll see fewer cases like Maureen Dowd.

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