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Enjoy Your 4:20 with Quite Possibly the Greatest Invention in the History of Pizza or Weed

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Constantly seeking out the latest innovations in both the weed and pizza industries, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled on this genius new invention. The creators of a pizza delivery app called Push For Pizza have developed a new age pizza box that Dominos, Pizza Hut, and every other major pizza chain should license immediately.

The cardboard creation may look like a normal pizza box at first glance, but it packs an amazing feature that will cut multiple minutes out of your munchies routine. There’s a perforated section on the top of the box that can be ripped off and folded into an origami-like pipe. Obviously, you can’t light a cardboard pipe on fire, so there’s a heat-resistant ceramic bowl piece included. To keep things stealthy, the bowl is disguised as that little white centerpiece used to keep your pizza protected from SBS (smashed box syndrome).

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“No longer will one have to search for a pipe before or struggle to remember the telephone number of the pizza parlor after its use,” Push For Pizza said of its new invention. “Equally important, the pizza is in hand before the munchies set in, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the interminable delay of its delivery or the pain of gnawing hunger.” The “Pizza Pipe” is a collaboration between Push For Pizza and Nikolas Gregory Studios, and for now is sadly just a concept. For those looking to go green while they go green, the box is made of 100% recycled materials.


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