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Enjoy Your 4:20 With This Weed Word Search That Has Tennessee Parents Up In Arms

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Kids coming home from school with word searches wouldn’t normally cause outrage among parents. However, if you sprinkle a little weed on that word search, then you’ve got yourself a good old-fashioned crisis. Parents in Oliver Springs, Tennessee were making the local middle school’s hotline bling with complaints about the appropriateness of the marijuana-themed word game.

The incident happened back in October during Drug Awareness Week at Oliver Springs Middle School, when a teacher handed the sheets of paper in question to educate the children further on the plant. The word search tasked the pupils with circling all the different commonly used marijuana terms such as “ganja,” “hemp,” and “stoner.” When asked for comment, a school administrator said the game was meant to help students learn terms associated with marijuana. “The purpose of that is to make students aware of the terms and slang they might hear, so they would be aware and not blindsided by such things,” said Gary Aytes, Director of Schools at Roane County.


Some parents were more upset with the advertisement on the bottom of the word search than the content of the game itself; placed at the footer of the paper are a logo, website, and phone number for a site where people can find local dispensaries.

Because we’re all adults here, I thought we could handle some 4:20 word search action. I found the site the teacher sourced his illicit handouts from (boom, journalism) and have liberated them to Marijuana.com. Here they can live in peace without the threat of angry soccer moms tearing them to shreds. So print the word searches out, spark up your favorite strain, and see if you can find all the words before you hit nap time. Ready, go!

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If you have suggestions for fun 4:20 activities, comment with them below and you may see your idea in a future post!

Word searches courtesy of Ganja Games

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