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Enjoy Your 4:20 With Wiz Khalifa’s New Video “Zoney”

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For your first 4:20 of the work week we have a brand new video from the Pittsburgh Puff God himself, Wiz Khalifa. Head over to your favorite dispensary on Weedmaps (in a new tab, of course) and order a fresh sack of KK to roll up as you check out the Dan Folger-directed visuals for “Zoney” below. The clip finds our half-baked hero comfortably chiefing on his hotel balcony, waxing poetic about his rags-to-riches come up. Towards the end, “Zoney” features an adorable cameo from Wiz’s young son Bash, who nails an impression of his dad’s famous laugh. Production on the infectious new single comes from the all-star team of Southside, Juicy J, Lex Luger, C4, and Don Cannon. “Zoney” can be found on Wiz’s recently released album Khalifa, available on iTunes and other streaming services now.


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