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First Florida Dispensary To Begin Low-THC Marijuana Sales In July

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Florida’s First Dispensary Sales

Surterra Therapeutics, the Florida marijuana dispensary licensed in the Tampa area, has grown its first crop of low-THC marijuana and is expected to begin sales of medical marijuana in Florida as early as late June/early July here. The Tampa dispensary will be opening a wellness center in Tampa where eligible patients, who have been prescribed medical marijuana by an approved Florida medical marijuana doctor, can legally visit and buy medical marijuana on-site.

Florida Dispensary Will Ship To Qualified Patients

Surterra will also be shipping low-THC marijuana to eligible patients who live farther away. Surterra will be the first Florida medical marijuana dispensary to begin sales in the state. (Note: Under the low-THC law, eligible patients are not able to smoke marijuana, but can only purchase tinctures, edibles, and topical forms of the low-THC cannabis in Florida.) It is expected that other Florida cannabis dispensaries will start legally selling to eligible patients later in 2016.

More Information on Florida Cannabis Doctors And Dispensaries

For more information on how and where to legally buy medical marijuana in Florida from Surterra, go to its website by clicking here.

To search for an approved Florida marijuana physician or other Florida marijuana dispensaries, please click here.

As always, the Florida Medical Marijuana Directory will keep you posted on developments in the Florida medical marijuana industry as they happen.

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