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First Florida Medical Marijuana Sales Begin Next Week

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More Great News: Florida Medical Marijuana Has Finally Arrived!

According to the Lobbytools.com website, the first Florida cannabis dispensary will begin sales of medical marijuana in Florida next week. This means that Florida citizens who meet the legal criteria will be able to legally buy medical marijuana in Florida and that deliveries will be shipped throughout the state, including Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and every small and large Florida city in between.

Here is the Lobbytools article on the availability of legal Florida medical marijuana:

“Hackney Nursery — doing business as Trulieve — announced Wednesday it had received formal authorization from the Florida Department of Health to dispense medical marijuana, according to Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster of FloridaPolitics.com.

It hopes to begin dispensing medical marijuana from its Tallahassee facility, and begin statewide deliveries, within a week.

Trulieve is the first dispensing organization in the state to get state approval to begin dispensing the product, said a spokeswoman for the Department of Health.

“We are happy to announce that we have passed all inspections — from growing and processing to dispensing — and are the very first medical cannabis provider in the state to receive these formal authorizations,” said Kim Rivers, the company’s CEO in a statement. “And we are most excited to get this much anticipated medicine to the patients of Florida.”

Rivers said the company will have the low-THC cannabis available for statewide delivery immediately. Full strength marijuana products authorized under the state’s Right to Try Act will be available in early August.”


To locate approved Florida marijuana physicians and licensed Florida dispensaries, click here.

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