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Florida: High Court Cancels Argument Over Medical Marijuana Initiative

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Good news for those living in the Sunshine State: Florida’s Supreme Court has abandoned its scheduled December 8th hearing on the state’s medical marijuana initiative. Instead opting to simply review the measure, making sure the chosen verbiage is clear to all constituents.

Thankfully, the court’s inquisition will no longer be necessary now that Pam Bondi, Florida’s A.G., made clear she had no intention of objecting to the initiative earlier this month.

On November 9th, Bondi made clear she wouldn’t fight Florida’s new and improved 2016 medical marijuana initiative, sponsored for the second time by United for Care. Instead, telling the Tampa Bay Times, “Based on the Court’s decision in 2014, I have not filed a legal challenge to the current amendment, but my concerns with it are the same.”

While Ms. Bondi provided a worst-case scenario for Florida’s voters the last time around, claiming the 2014 amendment would have allowed the use of marijuana in “limitless situations.” This time, Florida’s Atty. Gen. lacked the confidence in the probable ruling of the Florida Supreme Court – instead opting to remain silent and on the sidelines.

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