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Florida Marijuana Laws-Right To Try Marijuana Amendment Continues To Advance

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The “Right to Try” Act amendments that would give terminally-ill Floridians the right to use legal buy medical marijuana to treat their illnesses or pain continue to advance through the Florida legislature this session. As discussed in our previous articles, current Florida marijuana law is limited to Florida marijuana patients with a small, enumerated class of illnesses such as seizures and cancer and only to prescriptions for low-THC marijuana by an approved Florida marijuana physician. However, with this new advance, Florida marijuana laws would expand to allow terminally-ill patients to use even euphoric strains of medical marijuana in Florida. Since both House and Senate bills are advancing, we are hopeful that this law will be passed and signed into law by Governor Scott. It would be a significant expansion towards the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida and would mean that the Florida marijuana industry and Florida marijuana services would have a chance to start growing before the United for Care Florida marijuana petition could even be voted on in November. From all these developments, it is clear that expanded medical marijuana will be arriving in Florida later this year.

As always, the Florida Medical Marijuana Directory will keep you posted on all Florida marijuana law developments.

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