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Florida Marijuana Laws — Terminally-Ill Now Have The Right To Use Medical Marijuana In Florida

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“Right to Try” Act Marijuana Law Signed

Governor Scott signed an amendment to the “Right to Try” Act (discussed in previous articles here) under Florida Statute section 499.0295 that expand the state’s Right to Try Act to include medical marijuana for the terminally-ill. This means that terminally-ill patients in Florida will not be able to use even euphoric strains of medical marijuana in Florida.  This new Florida marijuana law represents a significant expansion of the use and availability of medical marijuana in Florida as medical marijuana legalization in Florida continues to grow.

Same Florida Dispensaries

Under this new law (found in House Bill 307 here), the same 5 previously-licensed Florida dispensaries can grow and distribute even euphoric strains of medical marijuana to terminal patients. (In Florida’s previous marijuana law, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 located at Florida Statute section 381.986), eligible patients with certain specified medical conditions can only legally purchase and use low-THC cannabis after going through the appropriate legal procedures.)

Additional Florida Marijuana Dispensaries Possible

The new law also allows Florida to approve three more dispensing organizations once 250,000 qualified patients register with the state’s compassionate use registry. It also calls for the state to give at least one of those new licenses to a farmer who is part of the Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association and is a member of the black farmers’ litigation group.

New Update on Florida Marijuana Laws Coming

We expect to have a more detailed article on this new Florida marijuana law written and uploaded to our site soon. In this new article, we hope to provide much more detail on how medical marijuana in Florida is expected to work. In the meantime, those patients who qualify under current Florida marijuana laws to receive medical marijuana prescriptions can search from an approved list of Florida marijuana doctors at our sister site, the Florida Marijuana Directory here). There, you can find a listing of all currently-licensed Florida marijuana dispensaries and all Florida marijuana doctors who have taken the necessary Florida marijuana training to be eligible to prescribe medical marijuana in Florida.

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