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Florida Medical Marijuana Could Be Legally Available As Early As July

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Florida Medical Marijuana Sales Could Begin Sooner Than Expected

As noted in a recent article here, the first 5 Florida dispensaries should begin cultivating the legal low-THC marijuana allowed under the Compassionate Use Act shortly, with beginning medical marijuana sales in Florida expected by September, 2016. However, it appears that the designated Florida dispensary for the Southwest Florida region, Alpha-Surterra, has already made significant process and is hopeful that it might have the first Florida medical marijuana product for sale as early as July, 2016. Its first products are expected to be capsules, tinctures, and gels. Florida medical marijuana laws do not allow the smoking of marijuana. If Alpha-Suterra keeps to this schedule it would be the first place Florida citizens who are qualified patients under Florida medical marijuana laws to legally buy medical marijuana in Florida. However, no Florida medical marijuana card will be necessary. Instead, a Florida physician approved to prescribe medical marijuana to qualified patients must enter a legal description into the Florida Compassionate Use registry.

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