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Florida Supreme Court To Review Florida Medical Marijuana Law Initiative

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Florida High Court To Review Proposed Florida Medical Marijuana Law

In an Order released yesterday, October 21, 2015, the Florida Supreme Court set oral argument to review the United for Care constitutional petition to see whether it should be put on the November, 2016 ballot for a statewide vote, as required by law. All proposed constitutional petitions must be reviewed the Florida Supreme Court and the proposed changes to Florida medical marijuana law are no exception. The same petition (which would provide for the expanded availability and legality of medical marijuana throughout the state and can be found here) already passed the same Supreme Court review in 2014 so it is expected that this same petition will be approved for the ballot again.

Florida Medical Marijuana Law Hearing Date

A hearing on the officially-titled “People United for Medical Marijuana” petition will take place on December 9, 2015 at the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee. The Court will review the petition to decide whether it complies with the law governing constitutional provisions. Initial briefs are due October 30, 2015 and opposing briefs are due November 9, 2015. Any interested person may file paperwork in support (or against) the proposed constitutional amendment.  Anyone filing a paper in the case and who asks to be heard will be considered to speak at the hearing on December 9, 2015.

Each side will have twenty minutes to argue for or against the petition.

A copy of the Florida Supreme Court’s Order (with the United for Care medical marijuana petition attached) can be found here.

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