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Gallup Poll: Majority Of American’s Support Legalizing Marijuana

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As both Canada and Mexico are beginning to take a serious look at the ethical and fiscal ramifications of legalizing recreational cannabis consumption, a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday shows that support for legalizing marijuana in the US is at an all-time high – and will likely keep growing.

According to the new data released on Wednesday, 40 percent of those 65 and over now support the idea of legalized marijuana in the United States. That’s an amazing number considering that demographics historic ideology. The October Gallup poll also shows 58 percent of America’s baby boomers support legalization; meanwhile young adults – those born between 1981 and 1997 – show the strongest support for marijuana reform at 71 percent.

Cultivating support:

While the acceptance and backing of legal weed in the United States has fluctuated since 2010, when it averaged approximately 48 percent, support for the peaceful plants legalization has grown significantly since 2013. Hitting its all-time high approval rate of 58 percent in Gallup’s October poll.

Changing demographics:

As voters most fearful of marijuana legalization (read: dogmatic Republicans and those over 65) are currently being replaced by a new generation of Millennial constituents – who understand the benign nature of the mildly psychoactive high – support for legalization in the US will, no doubt, continue to soar.

Canada or Mexico; who will be first?

Further demonstrating the slow demise of prohibition, marijuana.com reported on Tuesday that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in Canada won their national election by an impressive margin. One of the primary drivers of this historic victory was Trudeau’s promise to “legalize” marijuana in Canada. And while that was no doubt great news for many Canucks, it seems to have sparked an inadvertent race with Mexico; whose Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on October 28 to determine if Mexico’s current marijuana policies are unconstitutional.

As the Darwinian process of evolution ages out the old political dogma, a sweet new competition has ignited to the north and south of the United States. Racing to the finish line of common sense; Canada and Mexico are now scrambling to be the first country in North America to dump marijuana prohibition on the trash heap of failed policies.

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