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Good Article On Changing Florida Marijuana Laws by Romano in Tampa Bay Times

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Changing Florida Marijuana Laws

The Tampa Bay Times just published a good article analyzing the several different ways that Florida marijuana laws can possibly change over the next two years. There are several possibilities. First, the Florida legislature can pass laws expanding the availability of medical marijuana in the state in the upcoming legislative session starting in January, 2016.  Several marijuana bills have already been filed for consideration in the upcoming session. Second, there are several voter initiatives that are seeking enough signatures to force a vote on changing the Florida constitution on the November, 2016 Florida ballot to allow for either the use and possession of medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. It is almost a certainty that one of these constitutional changes will pass. This means that medical marijuana will be available more broadly in Florida sometime in 2017 even if the Florida legislature does not pass any marijuana laws this session (since, even if the constitutional changes pass in November,  2016, it will still take some time for the Florida legislature and Florida regulators to pass the necessary laws and regulations to implement them).

The Romano article can be found here.




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