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Guide for Florida Marijuana Patients

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More Information for Florida Marijuana Patients

The Office of Compassionate Use of Florida’s Department of Health has published two guides to help Floridians understand whether they are eligible to be prescribed medical cannabis in Florida. There are currently two Florida marijuana laws on the books, statutes 499.0295 and 381.986 (although the United for Care Florida marijuana petition is expected to pass in November, 2014). The biggest difference in the two Florida marijuana laws is that terminally-ill patients who meet the laws’ other requirements are eligible to be prescribed even euphoric strains of medical marijuana in Florida. (All other eligible patients are limited to non-smokable low-THC medical marijuana in Florida.) All Florida marijuana patients must have been treated by their doctor for three months before an approved Florida marijuana doctor can prescribe medical marijuana in Florida.

Two Kinds of Florida Marijuana Patients

There are two kinds of Florida patients who are eligible to receive a medical marijuana prescription: 1) the terminal-ill or 2) patients with cancer or seizure disorders.

The Florida medical marijuana guide for terminally-ill patients can be found here.

The Florida medical marijuana guide for patients with cancer and seizure disorders can be found here.

Florida Marijuana Card Regulations

As noted in our previous article here, the Florida Department of Health is currently in the process of drafting rules on the issuance of Florida marijuana cards. We have contacted the Department of Health and will post copies of the rules for our readers as they become available.

Florida Marijuana Doctors and Florida Cannabis Dispensaries

If you think that you or a loved one qualify to become a qualified Florida medical marijuana patient, you can search for approved Florida marijuana doctors and licensed Florida cannabis dispensaries here.

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