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New House Bill Would Allow Terminally Ill Patients To Use Euphoric Marijuana

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ff7fa7d53c72db4d11acaeb3c77d5ae7[1]Marijuana in Florida Likely to Expand to Terminally Ill

Newly-filed House Bill 307, filed by Senator Bradley and Representative Gaetz, would allow terminally ill patients, so certified by two physicians, to use even euphoric strains of marijuana. The new bill would create a  new amendment under Florida’s Right to Try law that was passed last year. Under the Right to Try law as it currently exists, gravely ill patients are now allowed access to experimental drugs and other potentially life-saving treatments on basically humanitarian grounds. This new marijuana bill would expand the availability of medical marijuana in Florida as, under current law, only those with cancer or seizure disorders (and other similar illnesses) would be allowed to use low-THC marijuana if prescribed by a doctor and where other treatment options had been unavailing (once the five Florida dispensaries are licensed and producing the non-euphoric strains of marijuana allowed under current law). The new bill, if passed, would allow the use of medical marijuana instead by any terminally ill patient (so certified by two doctors) and would not limit marijuana usage to only low-THC strains, but would allow the use of any strain of marijuana, including euphoric marijuana or any other strain of cannabis. This would be a big expansion for the legal availability of marijuana in Florida compared to current law.

It should be noted that, in addition to bills pending before the Florida legislature, there are at least three constitutional petitions that would also great expand the legal availability of marijuana in Florida, but those votes will not come until 2016 and it would be 2017 before any marijuana amendments could be implemented with the necessary additional laws and regulations. Practically, this means that any kind of significant change in the landscape of Florida marijuana law would not come for at least another year or two. The good news, however, is that it is definitely on the horizon.


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