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How Upgrading Your Strain And Brand Choices Can Drastically Improve Your Marijuana Experience

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Whether you’re new to the weed game or a seasoned veteran, quality is everything (or, at least, it should be). Gone are the days being satisfied with an eighth delivered in a napkin—it’s time to grow up. Just like with food, music, art, and most things in our culture, your taste in Marijuana evolves as you get older and gain experience. You will start to understand what kind of flavors you enjoy and what type of high you’re seeking. You may even be drawn to distinctive tastes and aromas that certain strains carry, as each has subtle differences that affect your senses in a different way. Obviously, not all strains are created equal, and exploring strains to find what you like will exponentially increase the enjoyment of your next session. Top shelf weed is like nothing else on Earth, taking you wherever you want to go and allowing you to see, hear, taste, and touch with a whole new perspective. So if you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown the go-to strains of yesteryear, the following brands have made great strides in the industry through meticulous hybrid cultivation, with award-winning results.

If you’re looking for a premium flower in Southern California, Nameless Genetics should be on your short list. They’re responsible for some of the most fragrant and potent OGs in the world. Back in 2009, a group of Los Angeles growers made a breakthrough with their harvest, developing a cut of OG that blew away anybody lucky enough to try it. That strain became known as Wellness OG, a favorite among connoisseurs everywhere. Over the next few years, and countless grow cycles, they improved their process and created a supercut of the Wellness OG that tested at over 31% THC, demolishing the competition and garnering praise (and trophies) along the way. Mega Wellness OG was born, with the flower and live resin extract instantly becoming the apple of every super stoners eye. If you need reliable references, Wellness OG took home 1st prize at SoCal Cannabis Cup last year for hybrid flowers. If you’re more of a dabber, the Mega Wellness OG grabbed gold at Chalice for indica waxes, plus guest judge Action Bronson gave it his Taster’s Choice award; very high praise, literally.

While on the topic of OGs, California’s top dog has long been OG Kush. A staple of southwestern weed culture for decades, the strain is a favorite among OG smokers. You’ll most likely be able to find OG Kush at every dispensary you visit, but don’t let that fool you. Remember, you’ve committed to elevating your standards so make sure you’re getting the batch that sets those standards. Kush Company in LA has been handcrafting some of the finest flower in the country since they planted the seeds back in 2007, right in their backyard. Their pride and joy, OG Kush, is the reigning indica flower champion at LA Cannabis Cup, also securing silver in Denver.

Connoisseurs understand that beginning with the highest quality genetics is one of the most crucial parts of the equation in modern marijuana. Moxie Seeds & Extracts recognized this early on, making it their mission to provide the highest quality products for patients. Moxie specializes in live resin, a type of extract that uses fresh, frozen whole flowers rather than the usual dried and cured buds that most waxes are derived from. Flower-lovers prefer live resin because it maintains much of the plant’s original aromatics and flavor, whereas traditional extract loses many of those traits when nearly 60% of terpenes (scent and flavor designators) disappear in the curing process. Moxie’s Goji OG is extremely popular, but you’ll find your own personal favorite among their top-notch lineup. They took home the bronze for hybrid concentrates at the 2015 Cannabis Cup before cleaning up at this year’s contest, snagging six awards including a sweep of the concentrates category. They took first place in indica (Strawberry Banana), sativa (Purple Tangie) and hybrid (Strawberry Banana Lemonade) at this year’s SoCal Cup. If extracts aren’t your cup of medicated tea, Moxie also prides itself on supplying growers with premium seeds to ensure their plants are the cream of the crop. To give you an idea of their seed quality, their V.C.D.C. was rated the best CBD strain of flower at last year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup.

Now that you’ve developed a knowledge base, go make an educated decision. With this new found appetite for the highest quality marijuana, you’re probably wondering where to get your hands on some. If you’re interested in checking out these three brands specifically, we recommend Buddha Company in Los Angeles. The pre-ICO LA mainstay is one of Weedmaps’ highest rated dispensaries (5 stars on over 1,600 reviews!) and carries a great selection of Nameless, KushCo, and Moxie.

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