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Hybrid News: High Desert Town Goes From Prisons to Pot, Marijuana Found Innocent of Causing Anxiety or Depression

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Helping to send real estate prices into the stratosphere in California’s high desert, the tiny town of Adelanto is hoping to enhance their prison-based economy with one supported by the cultivation of medical marijuana. And proving what most knew instinctively, new research published on Wednesday by JAMA established no cause-and-effect between the adult use of marijuana and today’s many debilitating psychological conditions. Those are just a two of your more interesting marijuana headlines for this morning … so let’s get rolling.

Photo courtesy of New Cannabis Ventures

Photo courtesy of New Cannabis Ventures

From prison to potDuring the last election cycle, Adelanto, California, passed an ordinance making it one of two municipalities in Southern California to legalize and sanction the commercial cultivation of medical marijuana. Best known for its four prisons until last November, Adelanto’s four correctional institutions have historically incarcerated approximately 3,400 county, state and federal prisoners at any given time. By simply augmenting its prison-based economy with a cannabis-based economy, Adelanto could add to their annual income of $ 160,000 – generated from all four prisons – with an additional $ 12 million a year. Hoping to germinate the seeds of a kinder and greener economy just west of Victorville, one of Bob Marley’s many sons, Ky-Mani Marley, has already inked a deal to license a strain of marijuana to be cultivated there, according to the OC register. Reportedly also anxious to cultivate in California’s high desert are Tommy Chong and B-Real.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

JAMA researchA sweet new study published Wednesday by the astute researchers at JAMA established that smoking cannabis, as an adult, is not linked to a variety of psychological disorders. Dispelling the tenuous association between marijuana consumption and depression or bipolar disorder, JAMA’s new conclusion takes on previous research that had implicated marijuana use as a direct cause of depression and anxiety in U.S. adults. In order to reach their supposition, JAMA examined the history of approximately 34,000 adult Americans who contributed to a National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. In their newly published report, JAMA concluded that, “cannabis use was not associated with increased risk for developing mood or anxiety disorders.”

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