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Hydroponics Group: The Godfather Offer You Can’t Refuse

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For the true cannabis enthusiast, there is no activity or endeavor more rewarding than growing your own marijuana. In fact, it’s impossible to achieve a full understanding and appreciation for marijuana without ever getting your hands in the soil and watching your young seedlings mature into beautiful adults plants. When you want to get serious about growing with a grow box that can fit anywhere, you need to check out The Godfather 2.0 and their offer you can’t refuse.

The Godfather has long been one of the best sellers at Hydroponics Group. Now, the all-new Godfather 2.0 is bigger, badder, and better than ever and comes with a special offer to the first 100 to purchase it. Its modular design makes it easy to ship, move, set up, and store. Coming in at 6’5″ tall by 6’5″ wide by 4’3″ deep, it retains its place as the largest grow box on the market. It’s available with either hydro tubs for full on hydroponic grows or self-watering soil pots that water from the bottom up.

The high-gloss white interior creates maximum light efficiency through its high reflectivity. The Godfather 2.0 comes with two Raptor odor control systems featuring triple-activated charcoal filters.

The Godfather 2.0 features a thigh-high growing shelf, which positions your plants at waist height for easy access. Underneath the shelf is a cloning area that is perfect for clones, adolescents or mother plants. (You can do literally 1,000s of clones at any given time)

The Godfather 2.0 comes in several lighting configurations: dual 400 or 600W high-intensity lights or our personal favorite – three 300W LED light panels (the equivalent of 1800 watts of high-intensity lighting) that are a bloom, or red, heavy – perfect for rapid cycling 10 week grows.

The modularly designed Godfather 2.0 has two dead bold locking barn doors in front, which open wide for easy access to all your grows. The Godfather 2.0 is hand crafted from Canadian white cedar and is designed to the highest standards so it will not look out of place in any decor – or, as we like to say, it allows you to hide your grows in plain sight. Additionally, the wood construction means there’s no condensation, greatly reducing the chances of mold infestation.

Click Godfather Grow Box for an offer you can’t refuse.

Play the video below and discover why the Godfather 2.0 is right for you!

Visit their official site!

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