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If You’re In The Market For a New Crib, This One Made Out Of Hemp Is Amazing

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Jim Savage of GreenBuilt unveiled a concept last year to build homes with a special concrete derived from hemp. Fast forward to present time and GreenBuilt has revealed their “hempcrete” vision; a 400 square-ft fossil-fuel-free home constructed with the revolutionary material called HempHome: Tiny+.

To catch you up on hempcrete, the compound is all natural, non-toxic, and completely renewable. It’s comprised mainly of hemp hurds, the solid wood part of the plant, which is then mixed and bound together with water and ground limestone. When the hempcrete is mixing, it doesn’t resemble traditional concrete but dries into a worthy replacement. Hemp has been used industrially for thousands  of years, mainly due to its incredible strength and a wide range of applications.

There are many benefits to building with hempcrete, and they don’t just stop with its brute strength. Constructing your home with hempcrete provides excellent insulation against the outside elements. Insulation is measured by an “R-value” when comparing different building materials. Hempcrete boasts an R-value of 2.08 for every inch of thickness, while concrete clocks in at only .08/inch. There is no other material in the world that carries such a high R-value while also costing very little to produce. The compound is  fire resistant, which may seem confusing because it’s wood-based. Hempcrete can withstand temperatures up to 1800℃ while standard concrete combusts at a measly 400℃. Hempcrete’s far-reaching benefits could also make a tremendous dent in our planet’s CO2 problem if its use in construction became more popular. The material actually absorbs CO2 rather than emitting it, releasing oxygen much like a tree. This will improve air quality in the home as GreenBuilt claims the home could absorb more than 50 lbs of carbon dioxide. If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to start building with hempcrete, the material also makes your home immune to mold and pests. I’m sold.

GreenBuilt’s Tiny+ isn’t just innovative for its building materials but also sports an impressive feature list that only adds to the immense energy efficiency of the home. The HempHome will feature heat recovery ventilation, helping to provide more fresh air in the home without sacrificing insulation. The Tiny+ will also be equipped with a solar photovoltaic thermal system, providing hot water, heat, and power without the aid of natural gas or other fossil fuels.

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The Tiny+ design team at GreenBuilt was led by architect Christina Griffin, an award-winning visionary. The team has posted a Kickstarter hoping to raise the $ 60,000 necessary to build the first concept home, plus make improvements in GreenBuilt’s process so future builds have a faster turnaround time. Interested buyers would theoretically be able to fully customize their Tiny+, adding additional options such as an office or additional bedrooms.

GreenBuilt will take the HempHome cross-country once completed to promote their vision and educate the masses. At the end, they’ll either sell it or donate it to someone in need. Should you feel inclined to open up your wallet, some interesting perks include a HempHome for your dog for a $ 1000 donation, while $ 5,000 will get you a hempcrete shed to keep your lawnmower housed in self-sustainable bliss.


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