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In Munchie-Related News, Japan Is Revolutionizing The Big Mac

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In case you don’t stay up on all the latest fast food innovations, McDonald’s has been testing some of their strangest ideas in Japan over the past few years. From chocolate-covered fries to black buns on sandwiches, the Japanese have been spoiled with their Mickey Deez specialty items. The trend is continuing with McDonald’s latest Japanese experiment, and stoners everywhere will be following its progress, hoping for a stateside encounter in the near future.

Behold the Giga Big Mac, a behemoth of a burger that boasts nearly three times the beef as its puny American counterpart. With THC levels rising across the board, marijuana tokers are looking for more food, faster. With an additional few patties of meat and an increased diameter, the Giga Big Mac is a formidable opponent ready to challenge you (and your intestinal tract) in ways you didn’t know possible. Even McDonald’s says eaters will feel “a satisfied sense of accomplishment” upon completion of the Giga Mac.

burger_2772796aPhoto courtesy of The Sun

If that wasn’t enough, the Japanese arm of Ronald McDonald’s empire also seems to be reintroducing the legendary “Super Size” option back into their menu. Though not referred to as the infamous “Super Size,” the new option comes with double the drink and 1.7 times the amount of fries a normal meal includes. I feel like if I use the keyword “Indica” somewhere in my order, they should just know I mean business and deserve that Giga-sized meal.

If you’re nervous about taking on the Giga Big Mac, have no fear. McDonald’s Japan also launched the Grand Big Mac, a smaller alternative to the Giga that still packs 30% more meat than our now-obsolete American #1.

Quick question: can we trade Japan all of our Burger Kings for their McDonald’s?

Cover photo courtesy of Ariwasabi

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