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It’s Just Like the 12 Days of Christmas, Except It’s Seven Days and It’s 420

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It’s high time 420 became the celebration it should be. In the past several years there have been some very hard fought, successful battles to make cannabis available to those with medicinal needs in some states and fully legal in others. It appears both availability and legalization are poised to gain more ground in 2016. We as medical patients and recreational consumers have every reason to celebrate! Let’s pull 420 out of the wings and into the mainstream, just like the budding acceptance of the plant itself.

Weedmaps is bringing our vast international community together in celebration with our HIGH 420 Campaign, running from 4/14 through 4/20. The week-long campaign leads up to this celebratory day filled with the shared spirit of community, retrospection, and inspiration.

Get involved with the Weedmaps HIGH 420 experience, events, and social media, along with your chance at daily giveaways and one incredible VIP Prize Package to see Rihanna in May.

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