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Laremy Tunsil: Bong and Gas Mask $70, Eighth of Weed $45, Posting Bong Rip To Twitter 5 Min Before NFL Draft … Priceless!

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Apparently there’s a serious need for a new social media etiquette course for prospective NFL players coming out of the SEC. Picked number 13 overall in Thursday night’s NFL draft, with the clock ticking down to 8 PM Eastern time, projected top 5 NFL pick, Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter account posted a tweet of the offensive linebacker taking a quick snap from a bong & gas mask. No doubt, costing him a pretty penny.

Tweeting 101: Don’t post any photos on any social media accounts of you participating in the consumption of a schedule 1 narcotic, particularly just minutes before your life’s goal is reached.

The Ole Miss offensive tackle initially tried to claim that his twitter account had been hacked, only to be betrayed by the clarity of this video once he removed the gas mask from his face. Doh!

According to SBNation, “It’s not clear who posted the video. When asked during the draft, Tunsil said he did not know who posted the video, but that it wasn’t him. The video was quickly deleted, and within minutes, so was Tunsil’s entire account. It was most likely somebody with access to the account trying to undercut the prospect. Some speculated that it was his stepfather, who is in the midst of a legal battle with Tunsil.”

(Photo Courtesy of The Big Lead)

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