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Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Uber and Airbnb

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More Americans think reforming marijuana laws is a good idea than support the emerging “gig economy” pioneered by companies like Uber and Airbnb, according to a new poll.

Respondents in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, released Monday, were read a list of trends in American society and asked to rate them as a step in the right direction, something that won’t make any difference, or a step in the wrong direction.

Among the 1,000 Americans participating in the poll, 47 percent rated “Relaxing laws against the use of marijuana” as a positive step. Thirty percent said it was a step in the wrong direction, and 20 percent said it wouldn’t make any difference.

In contrast, when asked about “The development of what some call the gig economy which includes companies like Uber and Airbnb,” 38 percent said it was a step in the right direction, 12 percent said it was a negative development and 30 percent felt it didn’t make any difference.

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll

Marijuana law reform also polled better with Americans than “More restrictive laws on abortion” and “The more active involvement of religious groups in politics” did. “An increase in the number of legal immigrants” got one percentage point more support than cannabis reform did.

In other national polls, legalization regularly generates majority voter support. As a result, more politicians — including some of those running for president — are beginning to take the issue more seriously after decades of completely avoiding it or laughing it off as a joke.

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