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Lemon Stomper Marijuana Strain Review

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When you combine the flavonoids from the Lemon Thai strain together with the potency and raw power of Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, you’re going to have a great time. Perhaps a bit too much, provided you’re not prepared. Perfect for the creative cannabis connoisseur, Lemon Stomper  provides that psychedelic sativa high that’s famous for sparking artistic inspiration.

The Result: This psychoactive strain will leave you feeling like a visionary artist, overflowing with creativity

Type: Sativa hybrid

Genetics: Elite’s Lemon Thai x Elite’s Chemdawg-Sour Diesel aka Snowman

Origin:  These F1 genetics from Cali’s Gage Green were originally hybridized in California

How Stoned Will You Get: 7-8 (higher if you keep smoking)

Average THC: 19.2 percent

Average Price Per ⅛: $ 40

Dispensaries Carrying Lemon Stomper

Strain Profile/The Science: Lemon Thai gets a nice boost from fan favorites Chemdawg and Sour Diesel for a sativa-heavy hybrid that you won’t soon forget…unless you smoke like five bowls in one sitting, then you might forget it. Lemon Stomper is known for its stomping, racing high and garden-smashing yields.

Appearance: Lemon Stomper looks exactly as you would expect a strain with the first name “lemon” to look. Tall narrow plants with long, skinny dark green leaves stretch skyward. Light green calyxes and neon yellow pistils give the impression of a lemon tree, while a shiny white tichrome coating makes it appear like a lemon tree after a late-night frost.

Consistency: Flaky fluffy sativa. The tichromes keep the flowers sticky, but the sativa dominance of the plant keeps the buds easy to break up and quick to fall apart in your hand or in the grinder. Lemon Stomper is pillow-like and airy and as pretty to hold as it is to look at.

Scent: Lemon Stomper comes through in the bag appeal department and in the scent department. It comes through for all five senses, really. Open the jar and get a whiff of the pungent, acidic lemon zest floating through the air. If you’re into the fruity, almost spicy strains, the you’ll enjoy Lemon Stomper’s aroma.

Taste: The lemon just keeps on coming. Lemon Stomper’s smells carry over into its flavor, and turn your jar of nuggets into a freshly picked lemon crop. The taste is a bit sweeter than the smell, so prepare for a warm summer afternoon with a crisp glass of sugary lemonade.

Effect: Lemon Stomper’s mother, Lemon Thai, is a crazy psychoactive sativa that delivered her headbuzzing high traits to her daughter. Lemon Stomper continues in the tradition of providing medicators with an uplifting breeze of a high. Take your lemonade and enjoy it, because Lemon Stomper might have you dancing around and jumping for joy before you know it.

Strain Background: Combine mind-altering effects with high yields and Chemdawg’s punch and you have quite the volatile lady on your hands. This combination of strains produces all sorts of phenotypes that novice growers, connoisseurs, and smokers and tokers alike will get a kick, er, stomp out of.

Growth and Seed Info: Like most sativa’s, Lemon Stomper tends to produce tall and gangly plant. A perfect strain for those outdoor cultivators in warmer climates; or for the experienced indoor cultivator with room to spare in their grow room.

Pros:  Inspiration

Cons:   Potential for paranoia

Original Breeder: Cali’s Gage Green

Current Breeder: Gage Green Genetics

Known Phenotypes:  Typically Sativa  – thin leaves, leggy,  late flowering

Seed Bank of Choice: Seed Mine

Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Flowering Type: Dense aromatic flower

Growth Height: 100-200 cm

Expected Yield: 750-1000 g/m2

Garden Skill Level:  Intermediate

Breeder Quote/Advice:  Cultivate outdoors in warmer environments that don’t rain or snow until after November: As a Sativa, this strain requires a little more time to hit full maturation.

Medical Uses: Mood elevation, energizer

Verdict: For growing, your guess is as good as ours. It’s a Sativa, so you’ll get higher yields indoors, but if you need to do the outside thing, don’t hold back. The smoke can be intense, given its psychoactive properties, so don’t rush headlong into a bong rip of this without prior experience.

Related Strains: Chemdawg & Sour Diesel

Family: Sweet, fruity, refreshing, creative

(Photo Courtesy of Gil Mota)

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