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Low-Flying Plane Drops Marijuana Bundle On Nogales Home

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Life in Nogales along the U.S.-Mexico border can provide for some rather exciting, if not unexpected moments for its residents. That’s where Maya Donnelly was rudely awoken on the morning of September 8, when a bale of something from south of the border came crashing into her life.

Inside the unexpected present dropped from a low-flying ultralight was approximately 26 pounds of Mexican dirt-weed — which police are now claiming was worth nearly $ 10,000 and that was likely dropped off erroneously by a dazed and confused pilot.

Low-Flying Plane Drops Marijuana Bundle On Nogales Home

Low-Flying Plane Drops Marijuana Bundle On Nogales Home

Perplexed and alarmed, Donnelly explained to the Nogales police that the bundle of weed fell from the sky … “On top of our dog’s house.” Explaining that the Sept. 8 incident “Made a perfectly round hole through our carport.”

The Nogales police, who responded to the marijuana drop, told the mystified husband-and-wife that an ultralight aircraft trafficking marijuana from south of the border had probably gone sideways, accidentally dumping its load early.

According to online reports, Nogales Police Chief Derek Arnson noted, “Someone definitely made a mistake, and who knows what the outcome of that mistake might be for them.”

Hoping that the Mexican drug cartel won’t come searching for their lost bundle of joy, Maya Donnelly made sure to point out the drugs are now in police custody. Working to ensure their safety, Arnson has now posted patrols in the Donnelly’s Nogales neighborhood.

While some were questioning why the Donnelly’s called the cops and handed over the cartels misplaced delivery, others understood that not doing so could get seriously ugly for the Donnelly’s – extremely fast.

( Photo Courtesy of Air Volt)


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