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Maine School Board OKs Medical Marijuana For Students

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And … about-face

After 40+ years of promoting a world-class disaster via the War on Drugs, and brainwashing school-aged kids into believing that marijuana use leads to a life of impending doom, educators in Auburn, Maine, will now be allowed to provide access to marijuana’s beneficial cannabinoids for students who have obtained a doctor’s recommendation.

Absolved and available

According to MyFoxBoston.com “Effective immediately in Auburn, Maine, students in pre-K through high school with a medical marijuana ID card can be administered the drug on school property by a parent or caregiver.”

Now that medical marijuana has scientifically muscled its way into a legal status in 23 states, a few school districts and a handful of politicians are only now coming to grips with America’s new reality – marijuana’s active compounds represent real medicine. And are allowing students to seek medical relief from a herb that’s languished under the misguided classification of a Schedule 1 narcotic within the CSA.

The Auburn school committees’ conclusion came about 60 days after New Jersey’s Larc School became the first in the country to allow medical marijuana.

Hopefully embarrassed by their inadvertent cruelty, three of the 23 states with MMJ laws have implemented rules sanctioning medical marijuana’s use, according to MPP.

As the swelling mob of angry parents demand medical marijuana for their sick and suffering kids – seeking relief for everything from epileptic seizures to blinding pain – some schools are more than a little fearful these changes will result in the crushing hammer of injustice coming down on their institution of higher learning for violating our governments archaic prohibition on all things cannabis.

To learn more about obtaining your Maine medical marijuana card, check out the below video…

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