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Medi Mike — the Big Hearted King of Cannabis Comedy

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“Medicinal” Michael Boris, or “Medi Mike” for short, is one of the nation’s top marijuana friendly comedians. As the founder of Nuglife Productions, Mike is also one of the leading entertainers in the medical marijuana space. He has produced successful medical marijuana programs on Nuglifetv.com with guests including Doug Benson, Rob Van Dam, Chris “Kid” Reid, Redman, Tommy Chong, and C-money of Slightly Stoopid. Medi Mike also produced the world’s first ever medical marijuana game show “Nuglife Live”.

Although his medicated comedy knows no bounds, Mike is not all fun and games. He is also a very passionate advocate for medicinal marijuana, often doing gigs for charities benefitting Autism and Cancer research for ASA, Norml, and Susan G Koleman. He recently spent the day with the family of a child suffering from epilepsy. Mike interviewed the family and listened to the story of their child’s recovery with CBD and cannabis. These were parents who didn’t partake, they just did what worked for their child. He got a 3-minute audio interview for his show from that day that can still bring him to tears.

Having two young boys of his own, it’s the kid patients that really get to him. He talks with families all the time who do what they can to move to a legal state that will allow them to legally get medicine for their child, even if it means temporarily breaking up the family. Mike is particularly impacted by those young patients, and finds a rejuvenating catharsis in getting on stage and doing edgy, marijuana slanted comedy. Whatever it takes to keep up the good work.

Before comedy and the Nuglife, Mike performed as a psychic at Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay and was rated one of Las Vegas’ top ten psychic stage readers. These days you can catch Medicinal Mike on tour, headlining venues across the country or tune into his podcast on Mondays and Fridays from 6-7pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm on Nug Life Radio, or see what’s fresh on Nug Life TV.  Be sure to get down to Ocean Beach in San Diego this Monday 2/15, and join Medicinal Mike for music, food, raffles and safe access, in celebration at the Annual Prop 215 Party. RSVP and get all the information here http://www.safeaccessnow.org/san_diego_prop_215_party.

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