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Medical Marijuana Breakthrough?

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For decades, the medical benefits of cannabinoids were completely unknown to the general public, largely as a result of the ban on research into marijuana’s beneficial properties.

Today, various countries around the world are catching on to the seemingly limitless benefits this plant species and its brethren pose for our health, our environment, and our industries. Because of recent shifts in policy, doctors, scientists, and bio firms are conducting extensive research on weed. One Montreal-based biotech firm, Hyasynth Bio, has uncovered what could be a scientific breakthrough.

“Hyasynth is a company that focuses on using biology to solve problems. In the cannabis industry, we see the cannabinoids themselves as a technology which, when applied properly, can benefit a lot of people,” said Kevin Chen, co-founder of the company.

The eureka moment occurred when Hyasynth researchers were able to create cannabinoids within genetically engineered yeast. “Producing the active components of cannabis using our platform means that we can improve on existing treatments and develop new ones, by having better options and control over what ingredients go into the end product.”

Chen feels that current medical marijuana is crude, falling short of its full potential. “I fully appreciate the benefit that people get today from using medical marijuana, but it can do so much more and help a lot more people if we develop it further. We need to be able to work with more of the cannabinoids and produce pure and specific formulations to treat different diseases.”

Chen believes the recent discovery could be a big deal for MMJ in the future. “The usage of medical marijuana is limited right now, and most doctors are not comfortable with prescribing it. But, the problem isn’t only convincing doctors to start prescribing it, but also in the quality of the products available to prescribe.” Chen goes on to say that “doctors and patients are going to be able to get access to better, higher quality and more effective products. This is how we can really expand this industry.”

At the end of the day, Hyasynth Bio is not just out to corner the market in cannabis bio treatments. Kevin Chen actually cares about the industry and is optimistic about what it can do for humanity. “I treat the problems we’re aiming to solve very personally, where one day my friends or family may need these kinds of medications (some already do), and they, like everyone else, deserve to have the absolute best possible options available provided by the absolute best company out there.”

Photo courtesy of Suwit Ngaokaew

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